Good things happen when auto technicians use the best parts available for every job. At Jeep Speed Shop, we carefully select only high quality parts manufacturers and suppliers, for every auto repair job we do — from tune-ups and oil changes to engine swaps and lift kits. We proudly use quality parts so you can expect better performance and durability, and greater value for the money.

Every part of a vehicle adds up to determine the driving quality and long-term performance of the machine. From the ball joints to the cooling shroud, each piece should be something that was manufactured by a reputable brand and selected for your vehicle by a Jeep specialist technician.

That’s why Jeep Speed Shop makes sure to only source the highest quality parts for your Jeep JK or whatever your preferred vehicle may be. Bring your ride to JSS and we’ll set you up with the best parts for performance tuning, rugged truck motors, and accessories like gear trays.

Quality Parts Brands We Carry

For the core components of our Hemi and Chevy LS engine swaps for Jeep Wranglers, we use OEM Chrysler parts including the engine, transmission, and flashing. Our engine swap kits also include some custom parts created by the Jeep Speed Shop team to make our kit installs turn out with an OEM look and feel.

The rest of the parts we use at JSS come from world leading brands and innovators in the game of performance Jeep and off-roading parts suppliers.

Jeep Speed Shop carries quality parts from these brands and more: