2008 Jeep JK with a 5.7L Truck Hemi and a 6 Speed Manual 238 Getrag

This is a 2008 Jeep Rubicon that had a Super Charger

We took the SC off and installed a Truck 5.7L Hemi Engine into it.

Also the Jeep had an Automatic Transmission that we converted to a Manual Transmission.

This Hemi swap is the only 6 Speed Swap I know of that is CA Smog Legal (From 2007-2008).

Because the Truck Hemi had a Manual Transmission and the LX engines did not, we used a

Truck Transmission out of a 4.7L Dodge Ram and converted it to a Dakota Transmission.

Because the truck shifter was in the front hole and we needed it in the rear hole,

we got a new shift shaft and put the shifter in the rear position for the Jeep and it works great!

5.7L Truck Hemi and a Getrag 6 Speed Transmission.