Kit #18 – TJ LJ 4.8L/5.3L/6.2L 6L80 LS


Engine wiring for the engine and wiring for the Jeep.
Engine Mounts
Tach Convertor
Gas Petal Mount


This is a Gen 4 Conversion, Using the Chevrolet Truck engine 2007-2013, Camaro and Corvette engines, FROM 2010-2015 ENGINES

JSS Install price of Kit #18 with 5.3L/6L80 USED Engine/Transmission $6000

Used 6.2L and 6L80 from a Camaro $9000.00

New 6.2L $7450.00

New 6L80 $2880.00

Accessory Drive system all New, AC, Power Steering, Alternator  $1400.00

Labor for install 60 Hours $7500.00


Chevrolet LS Engine Swaps