Kit #18 – TJ LJ 4.8L/5.3L/6.2L 6L80 LS


Engine wiring for the engine and wiring for the Jeep.
Engine Mounts
Tach Convertor
Gas Petal Mount

Add Ons

LS Radiator

This Radiator is for the Manual Fan

6L80 Trans Mount

32 to 23 spline shaft and clocking ring

This is so you can reuse your Jeep T Case, Like the Rubicon Case.

Shiftier cable mount

This mount works with the 2003-2006 Jeeps with a auto trans, so you can reuse the Jeep trans cable.

Tap Shift Module

This is for the 6L80 trans, so you can have tap shift with no body control module.

AC line parts

Here are some AC line parts so you can hook up your AC, you will need to get the rest of the parts.


Click here for JSS GUIDES and a BOM list of all the additional parts you will need.

This is a Gen 4 Conversion, Using the Chevrolet Truck engine 2007-2013, Camaro and Corvette engines, FROM 2010-2015 ENGINES

JSS Install price of Kit #18 with 5.3L/6L80 USED Engine/Transmission $6000

Used 6.2L and 6L80 from a Camaro $9000.00

New 6.2L $7450.00

New 6L80 $2880.00

Accessory Drive system all New, AC, Power Steering, Alternator  $1400.00

Labor for install 60 Hours $7500.00