Kit #17- JK 5.3L/6.0 4L60/4L80 LS


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This is a GEN 3 Conversion, using the 2002-2006 engines, Truck engines and Camaro (2 door and 4 door Jeeps) will work with a left hand drive and right hand drive Jeep JKs. 2007-2015 Jeep JK

JSS offers an LS Swap Kit for those of you who want to do the engine conversion yourself.

This it the DIY Kit Parts List:

  • Wiring for the LS in a JK (Gen. 4: 2007-2013)
  • Engine Mounts (Frame Side)
  • Gas Pedal Mount (Truck Pedal)
  • Tach Converter (with Mount)
  • Jeep Computer Flash
  • PRNDL Switch/ AC

This is your basic kit.

Click here for Chevrolet Engine Codes

Click here for our “B.O.M.” – Build of Materials page

Please check back or call for additional add-ons to further customize your conversion kit.

Click here for JSS GUIDES and a BOM list of all the additional parts you will need.

This is the SHOP INSTALL Parts List:

  • Transmission Mount: 6L80, 4L80, 4L60 – Price for the Trans Mount Includes 2 Trans Adapter Plates, both A & B – 3/16″
  • Transmission Adapter: 6L80
  • AC Lines for a GM truck
  • Fuel Line
  • Radiators: Copper or Aluminum
  • Heater Hoses (Aluminum)
  • 6L80 Transmission Cable Mounts
  • Dual Battery Box
  • Cruise Control Box/ Tap Shift (+$900)
  • All New 32 Spline to 23 Spline Shaft and Adapter (+$499) – Works with the Rubicon JK AND Non-Rubicon JK
  • In the near future we will be offering the following add-ons:
  • 241J Input Shaft (32 Spline)

JSS ON-SITE  install of Kit #17  $16,000.00