Kit #14- JK 5.3L/6L80 LS Kit All New engine and transmission.


5.3L/6L80 This is a Gen 4 conversion, using the Chevrolet Truck engine (the engines used are from 2007-2013 – 2 door and 4 door Jeeps) and will work with a left hand drive and right hand drive Jeep JKs. 2007-2011 Jeep JK

Here is our new LS-JK swap using the 5.3L/6L80 LC9

Engine & Transmission Components $9998.00


  • New GM crate LC9 5.3L engine with Warranty, General Motors limited 2 year / 50,000 mile parts & labor warranty
  • New GM 6l80E trans With Warranty
  • GM Cats for the Engine
  • GM exhaust manifolds & heat shields
  • Starter, bolts, heat shield
  • For new GM 02 sensors
  • MAF sensor, mount
  • CARB approved cold air intake for the engine
  • JSS engine mounts for the engine
  • GM evap canister and pressure vales
  • AC compressor, belt, mounts for engine, ALL GM parts
  • Trans dipstick
  • Trans dust covers left and right
  • Trans cooler and JSS mounts
  • Engine hardware, bell housing bolts, starter bolts, torque bolts and more
  • Vortec engine cover
  • Trans cooler lines
  • Alternator, bolts, belt, NEW GM Parts
  • Power Steering pump, mount,bolts, ALL NEW GM Parts

Swap Kit Components $5200.00


  • JSS AC Lines ALL NEW
  • JSS Engine mounts
  • JSS Trans mounting system
  • JSS PRNDL switch
  • Shifter bracket for Trans and for T Case
  • JSS pedal & mount
  • JSS Tach convertor
  • Coolant reservoir
  • Upper & lower hoses and heater loses
  • JSS fuel line
  • Hotwire engine, Jeep Harness for JSS, ALL NEW WIRING
  • GM ECU programmed
  • GM TCU programmed
  • Reprogram JEEP Computer, JSS
  • 6l80E trans adapter, for the Jeep T Case 241J
  • JSS Aluminum radiator
  • GM Cruise control, JSS Module

Labor, at 60 hours $7200.00


  • Pull engine/trans/battery box
  • Pull out grill and radiator to install radiator and cooler
  • Weld in engine mounts
  • Pull out console for PRNDL switch
  • Update evap system to GM style
  • Charge up AC
  • Install new wiring and computers
  • Install GM Gas Petal and mount, also cut and reinstall Jeep Petal (for oil light)
  • Install 32 spline input gear in Jeep 241J T Case
  • Install GM engine
  • Heartthrob Exhaust System for the LS-JK
  • GM Coolant,oil,trans fluid

Parts $15,198.00

Labor $7200.00

Total $22,398.00


  • Dual Battery Box, JSS $250.00
  • York Air compressor mount JSS $140
  • York install kit $800.00
  • Shower Kit for the JK $650.00
  • Crossmember for the LS-JK $250.00
  • ALL NEW 32-23 spline shaft for the Rubicon T Case $499.00, so you can now reuse the the Rubicon T Case.