All New Gear Tray for 2 Door Jeeps


It's here, it's finally here! Our exclusive Gear Tray is here just in time for the Holidays. Customize our Gear Rack System YOUR WAY!  We sell each accessory individually so you can…

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It’s here, our exclusive Gear Rack System is finally here!

We sell each accessory individually so you can customize your tray

for that perfect fit. Build your Gear Rack, YOUR WAY!

The Jeep JK 2 door Gear Tray is a great way to organize your gear.

Secure your gear and optimize space in your Jeep.

It can be configured in so many different ways.


You can use the weld on brackets, the short roll bar mount or the

aluminum mounts on the roll bar behind the seat belt bolts,

so there is no drilling or welding to install the racks.


Also they’re hinged at the soft top mounts so you can

gain access to the top rack easily.

The Gear Tray for 2 Door Jeeps comes with the

2 Mounting Plates and 16 bolts (Part#: GT2DMP2)

Using the long roll bar front mounts you can adjust the rack from

top to bottom or even add to the racks for three areas of


The gear tray is made up of your choice of modular accessories

so that you can customize the tray to accommodate your gear

and cargo.


The following parts below are sold seperately


 Below you’ll find our Mounting Plates for 4 Door Jeeps

 2 Mounting Plates and 8 Bolts Included w/the 4 Door Gear Tray.

These mounting plates are also used to mount the

Bottle Racks, Towel Racks, as well as Gear Trays.

They come with the studs already pressed into the aluminum,

so there’s no drilling for you.  Super easy to install…


Additional information

Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 35.00 x 15.00 x 5.00 in


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