JK V8 HEMI Instruction Guide

JK V8 HEMI Conversion Instructions

  • 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L Truck HEMI or LX HEMI
  • 2007-2013 Jeep Wrangler JK- SWB, LWB

This Kit may not be legal in all states do to Emission Warranties.

It is the users responsibility to comply with all regulations.

While all correct emissions equipment will be installed with this kit and our computer will run all emissions monitors.

We do not need to pull the body off the Jeep to do the install, but you will need to take the Jeep to an AC shop to evacuate the AC.

  • Step 1: Discharge the AC.
  • Step 2: Disconnect the battery.
  • Step 3: Drain the coolant.
  • Step 4: Pull the battery box and unplug the plugs going to the grill. (In the TIPM/pull air box)
  • Step 5: Pull the grill, disconnect the AC lines, transmission lines, radiator hoses and unplug marker lights.
  • Step 6: Put WD40 on the exhaust bolts at the manifolds.
  • Step 7: Pull the wiring on the computer and the C100 plug at the fire wall.
  • Step 8: Pull the power steering pump, we might need some parts off the old pump, so keep it.
  • Step 9: Go under the Jeep and pull the exhaust system, if you are going to reuse the system. We cut off the first to cats and reuse the exhaust flanges. Install new pipe to the cats.
  • Step 10: Pull the T Case and drive lines, we are going to reuse these parts.
  • Step 11: Pull the gas and evap line, we are going to reuse the evap line.
  • Step 12: Disconnect the trans cable, T-case cable, we might reuse the t-case cable mount. So keep it.
  • Step 13: Put a plug in the trans, because ATF will come out.
  • Step 14: We put a pull chain on both exhaust manifolds and the engine will balance out good to pull the engine.
  • Step 15: Pull the engine out (It should take about 3 to 4 hours to pull an engine).
  • Step 16: You will need to keep the battery cables, ground wires to body, evap line and computer for a core.
  • Step 17: Now you will need to cut the engine mounts off using a plasma cutter or a die grinder.
  • Step 18: Next you will need to pull the lower steering shaft and then the upper steering shaft (Make sure you do not turn the steering wheel with the steering shaft off, you will damage the clock spring) to install the pillow bearing relocation mount. You will need to die grind about 3/16 of an inch toured the booster.
  • Step 19: Installing the mounts, our mounts are made for the HEMI and the Chevrolet LS. So when installing the HEMI you will need the mount to line up with the oval hole in the frame, putting the mount forward.

When putting a Truck Hemi in you will need to use the upper holes to mount the engine, If you are using a WK, XK engine you will need to use the lower holes.

For the Power Steering mod, we need to pull off the reservoir and add our adapter for the JK reservoir. You might also need to cut the pressure fitting so the power steering hose will fit.

Also you will need to add our reservoir mount. This is a 2009 pump for the 2010-2013 we include a tube.

AC pump mod, we need to drill a hole to countersink the allen bolt for the VVT Truck Hemi and the WK, XK engines (2009-2013)

Oil filter mod, you will need to change out the oil filter adapter, so we weld on a nut to get the threaded bung out.

Installing engine, We install the engine with the trans and no engine mounts on the engine. We put the mounts on after the engine is in the Jeep.

Here is the non VVT Truck HEMI power steering pump, mods.

Fanshroud mods, You will need to cut out the old electric fan for the Manuel fan. You will need to cut to fit, we are working on a new fan shroud.

Fuel line adapter, this takes the 5/16 line to 3/8 line. We reuse the Truck fuel line.

Battery Box install, you will need to reroute the wiring that went under the box to go over the box.