Jeep HEMI Conversions – What You All Should Know

Jeeps are built to be the ultimate off-road vehicles. They can take you wherever you want to go, be it on muddy, rocky, or desert terrain. Despite the off-road capabilities that are synonymous with Jeeps, you can make yours even more powerful, thanks to HEMI conversions.

Jeep Speed Shop is the go-to expert for all your Jeep HEMI conversions. Thanks to them, it’s now easier than ever to shove a new HEMI into your stock Jeep and see its performance figures soar beyond your imagination. Your Wrangler JK, JL, or TJ comes with a stock V6 engine. While its performance might be ok, a HEMI conversion will make it even more impressive.

With a stock engine in place, you’ll realize that your Jeep struggles when you make mods and additions such as suspension lift kits and off-road tires. Nothing compares to the thrill and raw power that you get from having a HEMI under your Jeep’s hood.

What will Change when You add a HEMI

closeup of jeep EnginePower: Three factors ensure optimum efficiency. The first is the engine leaving no gas unburned, taking full advantage of cylinder pressure, and lastly, utilizing every ounce of energy sucking fuel and air in. The HEMI is designed in such a way that scores more on the last point. They have smaller surface areas that allow less heat to escape during combustion. Its super-efficient combustion chamber makes it more powerful than other engines.

Valve Size: The HEMI is designed with the valves on opposite sides of the head. The engine that preceded the HEMI had a wedge-shaped combustion chamber whose valves were in line with each other.This arrangement limited the valve size. Valves can be large in a HEMI engine, and as a result, the airflow through the engine is dramatically improved.

Reliability: These durable engines have long life spans, thanks to the build of the HEMI engine.

Fun: With improved acceleration and horsepower, drivers can feel the difference when they hit the gas pedal.

There are two different ways of upgrading your Wrangler to a HEMI: an installation kit or a complete package. The latter comes with a 545RFE four-speed transmission. With the DIY installation kit, you receive all the parts needed to outfit your own engine and transmission. Whichever way you choose to go, you are assured of one great outcome, that is top-notch performance. 

What Makes The HEMI Engine Special?

Apart from off-road excursions, you might want to use your Jeep for demanding applications such as hauling or towing items. The vehicle’s stock V6 engine will perform ok when towing small items like jet skis but will struggle even more when you try using it to haul large items such as boats or utility trailers. And, forget about any true offroad adventures. 

The HEMI V8 engine needs little introduction. It has been successfully used to power some of the most powerful Jeeps that you will come across. And so, why not yours? With a monster HEMI engine from Jeep Speed Shop, you will enjoy raw V8 power as well as better gas mileage. Unlike your Jeep’s stock V6 engine, HEMI engines don’t strain when subjected to demanding applications. 

Thanks to the ever-growing aftermarket support, it’s now easier than ever to fully harness the power of your Jeep with the help of the HEMI engine. You won’t even need to make any mods to the vehicle’s engine bay during installation. The engine also weighs less than the stock engine, besides having more output per cubic inch. Therefore, a Jeep HEMI conversion is the most reliable and tunable performance upgrade that you can make to your off-roader. 

Customized HEMI Conversions

If you want to experience raw V8 power on your Jeep, don’t look further than Jeep Speed Shop. Here, the world’s best technicians will customize your Jeep with a HEMI engine, thus ensuring that you always get an excellent highway or off road driving and hauling experience. 

At Jeep Speed Shop, you will also find high-quality DIY engine conversion kits. Whether you go for the DIY option or let the shop’s technicians fine-tune everything on your behalf, you are guaranteed tons of torque and hundreds of additional horsepower. Likewise, your Jeep will drive perfectly and easily outperform its contemporaries.

CARB-Legal HEMI Conversions

If you are a resident of California or any other state that has strict emission guidelines, you may be worried about falling foul of the law after upgrading to a HEMI engine. Jeep Speed Shop is the ONLY shop in the nation that has a CARB Legal Hemi Conversion. And, we employ technicians who are experts in the field, and therefore, you’re guaranteed excellent results when you work with them. 

JSS technicians offer HEMI conversions that meet legal emission standards. While mulling about increasing your Jeep’s performance, you will come across shops that claim to be HEMI experts. Nonetheless, only JSS offers conversions that ensure your Jeep passes emission tests in every American state. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on something that you’ll be unable to register.

All-In-One HEMI Conversions

What makes JSS stand out from the competition is its inclusive HEMI conversion package. The conversion kit that you will get includes all the requisite hardware. This negates the need to scrounge for bolts, nuts, or other parts when undertaking the conversion. 

The HEMI conversion kits that JSS offers are directly sourced from Chrysler. As such, factory warranties will remain in effect. Besides, all components in the kit are sourced brand-new, thus guaranteeing long-term reliability and performance. Due to the use of OEM parts, the conversion will resemble a factory installation. 

Each Jeep HEMI conversion kit that you get from JSS comes with a PCM, which is specifically tuned for your Wrangler. The result is factory-like reliability and drivability. 

If your Jeep’s engine has seen better days, or you simply want to bolster its performance, don’t look further than a HEMI conversion from Jeep Speed Shop. In doing so, you will create a whole new beast that can take you wherever you want to go.