Jeep HEMI Conversions – Unleash Your Jeep’s Full Potential

Whether your Jeep’s bumper sticker reads “Following me? Good luck with that!” or “Stock Jeeps worry me!” true Jeep enthusiasts daydream — from the moment they’re handed their new Jeep’s keys –  what it will be like when they get a Hemi conversion for their vehicle. Let’s face it – you didn’t choose to drive  a Jeep only because it is the most iconic, American, and beloved vehicle on the roads, but because it has the power to both take you to places others won’t ever venture and to effortlessly tow your other toys to the ocean, lake, or wilderness. While there are plenty of highly-capable, powerful Jeeps giving their owners plenty of fun and thrill off-roading that don’t have a Hemi, a conversion to this internal combustion engine provides your Jeep with unparalleled power and performance unavailable any other way.


Grey Jeep Driving on Dirt trackThe HEMI engine has hemispherical chambers and a layout that is unique for many reasons, including that its valves are angled away from each other. This offset valve arrangement allows for an increased valve size and greatly-enhanced porting. In addition, these engines have a surface area smaller than that of a flathead engine — leading to an increase in thermal efficiency and in the combustion temperature – resulting in producing more engine power. It’s a complex engine and a complex installation process that simply can’t be done safely and properly over a weekend with a bunch of buddies with limited tools and experience. While the Hemi will give your Jeep greater power for both off-roading and towing than a Jeep’s normal engine, to accomplish that lasting surge of power requires the expertise and knowledge of highly-skilled technicians.

Here’s What to Look For at a HEMI Conversion Shop

There are a handful of requirements that your Hemi conversion shop of choice should meet to ensure your Jeep’s new engine has been installed safely and properly.

  • Experience. While all the formal schooling, training, and ongoing industry reading in the world definitely adds to a Technician’s wealth of knowledge, it cannot measure up to Technicians that are both certified and experienced.  No one wants to have their Jeep be the very first one a Technician has ever worked on to install a Hemi. You want your Technician to have decades of hands-on technical experience obtained through countless hours of troubleshooting challenges and roadblocks during Hemi conversions.  
  • A finesse for fine-tuning.  Converting an engine is one thing; fine-tuning every facet of your Jeep after the conversion is another.   You want to choose a Jeep shop that will look at and treat your Jeep’s engine conversion process holistically. It’s not just about the awesome transition to a Hemi engine; it’s about making sure all the other parts, pieces, components, and systems are compatible, are fine-tuned, and are safe to operate.
  • Freedom to cross state lines.  If you want to visit your friends and family outside of your state, you don’t want to have to worry about being pulled over for not having your Jeep meet the state’s emissions requirements. While you can find shops that will put a Hemi engine into a Jeep Wrangler, there is only one shop in America that will enable you to legally register your Jeep and to get it to pass emissions tests in all 50 states!
  • Looks matter. When you pop your hood and show your world your new Hemi engine, you don’t want it to look like a hot mess that some part-time, backyard mechanic rigged up for you. The investment  you are making in your Jeep with a new HEMI engine is a big one, and your new engine should look like a factory-installed engine. The final result should look crisp and clean — as if it just came off the Chrysler plant.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment. With the proper tools, every job becomes easier, takes less time, and helps to ensure quality work. Make sure the Jeep shop you choose not only has all the Hemi parts and computer systems required to do the job correctly, but also the ability to design and customize parts to meet the needs of individual Jeeps.

When you’re ready to unleash your Jeep’s full potential and make the commitment to transform its abilities and catapult it to a whole new muddy, rugged, and dirty playing field, you’ll want to have the world’s most highly-skilled, certified, and experienced Jeep Technicians perform that engine transplant for you! While there are a small handful of Jeep shops in America that specialize in doing Jeep engine conversions, there is only one shop in all of America that meets all these desired requirements, including being the only shop in the country that will enable your Hemi-powered Jeep to pass the highly-regulated smog tests and state emissions tests – the Jeep Speed Shop on Redwood Drive in Cotati, California! Contact us for more information.