Experts in the Field ,Becoming the best Jeep engine conversions shop in the world

Looking for real Jeep experts who can customize your vehicle with a Hemi engine, lift kit, or other upgrades? Take your vehicle to Jeep Speed Shop where the world’s best Jeep technicians are making awesome things happen everyday.

Since 2004, we’ve been doing Jeep engine conversions to add power and performance that most Wrangler owners would never dream about. And we’re doing it all while passing the California smog test and all state emissions tests.

Jeep Speed Shop provides custom installations of OEM Dodge Hemi and Chevrolet LS engines on the Jeep JK and TJ.( CHEVROLET LS ENGINE IS NOT EMISSIONS LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA) You can find the perfect installation kit for a DIY Jeep engine conversions, or you can let us fine-tune everything for the most completely professional results.

Hundreds of extra horsepower, tons of torque, and a Jeep JK that drives perfectly like a turbo-charged truck. That’s what we’re all about, and we know how to help you get the performance you want and the look of a factory-installed engine, too.

Bring your vehicle to Jeep Speed Shop in Northern California or contact us to ask about Jeep engine conversions and other upgrades and builds we can do.

The Only Jeep Engine Conversions with Legal Emissions

You can find other shops that will put a Hemi engine into a Jeep Wrangler, but JSS is the only shop that will get your Jeep to pass emissions tests in all 50 states.

Because we’ve developed Hemi engine swap kits for every year and model of the Jeep JK, we can also do the best job of making the final result look crisp and clean, as though the Chrysler plant built it that way.

From 5.7L up to 7.4L and everything in between, Jeep Speed Shop can get your preferred truck engine — any Hemi or LS — into your Jeep.

Make no mistake — Jeep Speed Shop has the only Hemi parts and computer system that can produce emissions-legal Jeep engine conversions. Don’t waste a fortune on something that you won’t be able to register.

Come to Jeep Speed Shop, and leave with a kit or a professional installation so you can enjoy high-powered truck driving in a glorious, custom Jeep.

Jeep Upgrades from Lift Kits to Gear Racks

We can do a whole lot more for your Wrangler besides Jeep engine conversions. Our team can also professionally install lift kits and take care of regearing. We change clutches and transmissions. Everything to repair, renew, and upgrade your JK to make it better or just keep it going for years and years longer.

As a Jeep customization shop, we also have a wide selection of accessories like gear trays and roll bars with strong no-drill mounts.

So whether you want to give your Jeep more speed, more towing power, better off-roading capability, or just a custom and tough-as-nails new look… Jeep Speed Shop is your answer.

We use mostly OEM Chrysler parts in our Jeep engine conversions and other kits, along with some custom parts made in-house at JSS. Our other parts suppliers include:

  • Advance Adapters
  • Alloy Axles
  • Bilstein
  • Dynatrac
  • GenRight Off-Road
  • Magnuson Superchargers
  • Poison Spyder Customs
  • Reid Racing, Inc.
  • Rock Krawler Suspension
  • TNT Customs
  • Teraflex
  • Always, only the best quality and innovative Jeep parts suppliers

Jeep Engine Conversions… Plus a Full-Service Auto Shop

Along the way to becoming the best Jeep engine conversions shop in the world, our technicians have also become all-around experts at auto repair and services — with a focus on better performance, smart upgrades, and great driving for every vehicle. You can bring other vehicles besides Jeep Wranglers to us, and the guys at JSS can help you unleash better performance.

Our shop in Cotati, California, in Sonoma County, will take care of everything from oil changes to transmission and engine swaps. And of course, we can help your car get fixed up and supercharged while still passing the California emissions test!

Contact Jeep Speed Shop today to ask about our Hemi installation kits, our professional Jeep engine conversions, and all our auto services.

Todd Custer

Todd Custer

Fabricator, Mechanic, Designer, Technician, Manufacture, Welder, Owner of Jeep Speed Shop.
Tom Bevan

Tom Bevan

Fabricator, Mechanic, Technician, Welder.