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Auto repair shops can now unleash the huge potential of offering Hemi engine swaps for the Jeep Wrangler. At Jeep Speed Shop, we’ve perfected a system of installing OEM Hemi engines with custom performance parts. Your customers will love turning their Jeep into a truck motor vehicle with hundreds of extra horsepower. Your shop will love installing these conversions as an official JSS Hemi kit dealership.


It’s easy to explain the benefits of using Jeep Speed Shop engine swap kits. Our kits work for virtually any Jeep, and we have options for every Hemi engine made. For a surprisingly low cost, your customers can get the best look and feel out of a Hemi swap into a Jeep JK, installed professionally by you:

  • Top Quality: OEM Chrysler engine, transmission, and parts, with more from industry-leading suppliers and custom-made JSS parts
  • Emissions Compliant: Jeep fans have a tough time finding a Hemi kit dealership that can get their converted Jeep to pass state emissions tests. Our kits are the only ones that pass the tough California smog test and all 50 states’ emissions tests.
  • Easy Installation: We’ve been perfecting our process for more than a decade, including building custom parts that help make engine swaps as seamless and straightforward as possible. We provide videos and guides to help your technicians get the job done quickly and perfectly every time.
  • Best Jeep Engine Conversions on the Market: Important details like the engine-driven cooling fan and custom wire harness make our Hemi kit dealership able to provide better performance and more of an OEM look than anybody else. It’s the best Jeep Hemi kit for the money, hands down.

Why Become a Hemi Kit Dealership with JSS?

  1. If you install upgrades like superchargers and lifts at your shop, you know how much help it is to have a high-quality kit, compared to inventing a custom solution from scratch every time.
  2. Carry our Jeep engine swap kits and you’ll instantly turn your shop into the best Hemi kit dealership in your area. Heck, probably the best in your entire state.
  3. Open the doors for your Jeep customers to get the best Hemi engine swap available, and make it easy for your technicians to install those Hemis with a tested and proven method. Contact us at Jeep Speed Shop to find out more about becoming a Hemi kit dealership.