8 Speed and Camaro Fan

8 Speed Truck Hemi kit

5.7L/8 speed used

PSC HK-JSS-HEMI Power steering pump,reservoir, hoses to reservoir, mount to master cylinder

8 Speed transmission for the Valve body $810.00 Charger / Challenger

Lingifelter for fan controller $200.00

right exhaust manifold 53013858AD

Left exhaust manifold 53013857AD

Right Exhaust Gasket 05045496AA

Left Exhaust Gasket 05045495AA

Dowl Pin 1122532 need 2

Transmission Dust cover 53021491AA Structural cover

Intermediate plate 52104344AA

Oil filter adapter and O ring, oil filter 53013680AD, 53021661AA, 4884899

Crank sensor, for a 2009 Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi 05149230AA

Power Steering pulley, 2009 Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi 53013688AB

Engine belt for the 2009 Dodge Ram 5.7L Hemi 4593852AB gates 60795

Transfer Case cable mount 52121832AC

Upper Radiator hose Napa 7369 Gates 20608

Lower Radiator hose Napa 7759 Gates 21047

Transmission cooler, HDA-679

Air filter AEM 21-204DK

02 Sensors 56029049AA you will need 4

Works with VVT, NON-VVT Hemi’s: Power Steering Hose (Napa Part #: 7-6052) gates 361850

TX3A wiring for the Camaro fan

2-8296 sensor for the Camaro Fan

Fan 84100128 Camaro Fan

Transmission cooler lines 68291875AB for the 8 speed $177.10

Knock sensors for 2 Chrysler 5033316AB Knock Sensor: Detonation

Oil Sensor ,Sensor. Coolant temperature OEM Part Number, 05149077AB.

Intake Manifold Actuator 53022137AJ $166.75

Air Temperature Charge Sensor, for the intake $13.75 / 5149176AB

Oil Pressure Switch Part Number: 5149062AA.

AC Compressor Dodge Ram 68454989AA $257.60

Manual Fan 18 inch FLX-5718 Flex-a-Lite Hayden Fan HY-3618

Hayden fan clutch 2715

3.5 Inch hump hose/ with 2 clamps

8 Speed wiring $1500.00

8 Speed floor plate and spacers 4

Big Bore PSC box belt relocation mount and pulley $300

Air Cleaner Rubber Grommet Fastenal #11120323

Allen Bolt for AC Compressor Fastenal # 1139598

Truck Transmission mount to t Case adapter 68147344AA

Thermostat Housing 53021536AC

Oil filter 899

8 Speed steel trans pan Jeep JT 68408606AB $99.48

Capacitor 56041889AA

Exhaust Manifold bolts need 9 / 6507746AA

Exhaust Manifold bolts need 8 double ended / 6509544

T Case cable mount 52121832AC

8 Speed transmission fluid 68218925AB $29.35 for a Quart

VVT Truck Hemi Kit

Computer JKVVTHC7-11 05150397AE $1100.00 / 2009 Dodge Challenger

Wiring part # JKVVTHT1 $1500.00

VVT Truck Hemi intake adapter/with bolts/ part # VVTHIA $500.00

Transmission Cooler Mounts part # JKTCM $50.00

Trans Mount, to trans/part # 545TA $175.00

Plate A $50.00

Plate B $40.00

2 AC lines part # JKTACHS, JKTACLS $400.00

Fuel Line adapter part # VVTHFL $120.00

Hemi Dual Battery Box, TIPM mount, top plate, J Bolt and nut part # JKDBB $250.00

Air Intake Mount, with grommet part # JKAFM $140.00 / Coolant Bottle JP2203- $75.00

Power Steering mount part # JKVVTPSM $76.00

Steering Relocation Mount part # JKSRM $25.00

Engine mounts to frame, Left and Right part # JKWEM $220.00

Engine mounts Bolt in with Isolators JKBEM $440.00

AC Bolt $4.00

Radiator part # NJKRT-205220 $900.00

Radiator C&R #CRJKHT 25-12810 $1500.00

Shroud part # JKHS $250.00

Electric Fan Shroud JKHES $450.00

Exhaust Carb Legal 102300 JK 2007- 2018

Exhaust system part # 102400JK $1000.00

Header Exhaust System # 102500JK $1800.00

Headers for Jeep JK Left Header 102417 Right Header 102416. $900.00

Power Steering Bushing VVTPSB $100.00

The VVT Truck Hemi swap kit is $4700.00
If you wanted also bolt in engine mount that would be a extra $440.00
Exhaust system $1000.00
Radiator $900.00
Fan shroud for manual fan $250.00
Fan shroud for electric fan $450.00 for the Camaro fan
Fan controller $200.00
Header exhaust system $1800.00
8 speed module/ shifter floor plate $1500.00