Chevy Swap for JKs
We are the first shop to offer a Chevrolet Swap for the JK!
Select any Chevrolet engine you would want.

This is not a kit this is a swap we are doing in-house for now and
a kit we are working on for a later point in time.
We are working on getting this kit out the year.

We are working on a sale for the Chevrolet LS swaps, the prices are going to vary
because of the engine combos. The best combo is the 6.2L VVT and the 6L80 trans.

We have an all new engine mount that we made that will work with the Hemi and the
LS engines, We also have a radiator or you can use the stock radiator with the JK.
You will have to call for pricing but the prices will be close to the Hemi install prices.
With the Chevrolet Engines we can also get this engine to pass Cal. Emissions only if you are out of Emissions Warrenty.


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